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The Tourist Office Mont Saint Michel - Normandy:

Welcome to the Office of Tourism Avranches - Mont Saint Michel!
Tourist Office
2 rue du General de Gaulle
50300 Avranches
Tél. : 02 33 58 00 22

mont saint michel
 of mont saint michel


The crossing of the bay is unique and memorable, framed by professionals, it is done with family or friends! Admire the bay in an extraordinary setting.

Following the guide, you will discover the famous quicksand, the island of Tombelaine and the phenomena of the tides.


Like in a dream above Mont Saint-Michel ...

Visit Mont-Saint-Michel! A two-minute video for total immersion in Mont-Saint-Michel as if you were there! You will be able to discover the exceptional beauty of Mont-Saint-Michel, and also its history ...

abbaye mont saint michel

Mont-Saint-Michel is an extraordinary place to see at least once in your life! Here are other ideas to better discover it:

- Admire the phenomenon of high tides

You are not unaware that here, the strongest tides in Europe discover huge strikes ... This phenomenon is an opportunity to rediscover the Mont Saint-Michel surrounded by water, admire the tidal bore or even take a breath of fresh air during a fishing trip on foot ...

- Surf the tidal bore

A wave of a few decimetres that goes up the Sée and Sélune at 10 / 15km / hour. This phenomenon is quite rare, it occurs at the time of high tides. Surfers, canoe or paddle enthusiasts throw themselves on the wave under the admiring eyes of the many spectators. Even if you do not jump on the wave, come enjoy the show, totally unusual.

- Discover the Wonder of the West

Masterpiece of Gothic architecture, the abbey of Mont Saint Michel is to visit absolutely. It is, with the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Avranches and the Scriptorial:

Discover the treasures of Avranches.
The city will unveil, during your walks, its remarkable heritage and its magnificent views of Mont Saint-Michel and its bay.


The scriptorial: Museum unavoidable

Located in the heart of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, in Avranches, the Scriptorial retraces the history of Mont Saint Michel.

The Museum gathers all the manuscripts of the abbey of Mont Saint Michel and makes you discover real treasures through the old books, written and illuminated by hand by the Benedictine monks from the 13th century

Playful and interactive, the Musée du Scriptorial will seduce young and old alike.

The Scritptorial - Place d'Estouteville - 50300 Avranches


TÉLÉPHONE : 02 33 79 57 00


Villedieu, city and craft:

Villedieu-les-Poêles is one of the key stops for artisanal tourism in Normandy and the English Channel. Copper capital located in the heart of the Channel, in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, the city is labeled "City and Crafts of Art" for its great tradition of craftsmanship around copper since the Middle Ages: stoves, brassware, boiler, foundry…

villedieu les poeles, cuivre

Hikers and nature lovers, a stroll to the archipelago of Chausey is essential:

An archipelago of unspoiled nature! Classified site

The Chausey Islands, located off the Bay of Mont Saint Michel form the largest archipelago in Europe.
It consists of a main island, the Big Island and 365 islets at low tide against 52 at high tide.
The island is home to some houses including that of the famous Marine Painter "Marin Marie".


The Mortainais is a land of hiking, climbing but also legends where King Arthur meets, fairies, goblins, and geniuses of the forest ...!
Hiking ground

With more than 400km of marked trails, including a part of the famous GR22, Mortain is a true land of hiking. Discover the greenways, mountain biking circuit, not to mention the Telegraph Trail in Ger.

Climbing ground:

Many rocks are very popular with climbing enthusiasts. First there is the rock of Aiguille, but also the rock of the Virgin, Grand Noé, and that of the Dolmen.

granville, port

Enjoy a seafood platter in Granville and visit the city:

Sit on the terrace facing the sea, order a seafood platter accompanied by a glass of white wine ... and enjoy the magic of the sunset on the sea from Granville!

Granville, Cité corsaire :

Under Louis XIV, Granville, a dynamic port teeming with sailors, provided a number of privateers for the royal service and 15 admirals including Pléville Le Pelley, "the corsair with the wooden leg".

D-Day in Normandy

La Manche is a department laden with history. On 6th June 1944, 836 000 men landed on the beaches of Normandy.  At that point began the Battle of Normandy, one of the greatest battles of the 20th Century. Many sites and museums in la Manche pay tribute to this particular episode of Second World War. Discover the history of the landings: visit the first town to be liberated in France, take a walk on the landing beaches, and make sure you stop at the American cemeteries...

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